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Document Management Solutions to manage entire organisation process

CannyMinds Technology’s document management system is primarily based on robust and flexible automated workflow-driven solutions. The solution allows users to acquire approvals on documents as per their process’ requirements. In addition, our solution gives you the ability to get all digital approvals before a cycle comes to completion by following any path defined in the process workflow.

Traditionally, all approvals required handwritten signatures in paper documents at various hierarchical levels, circulated across multiple departments in an organization. On top of various signing authorities will put handwritten comments which require special reading skills. Additionally, some require wax seals to prevent security breaches. The storage of these physical documents is challenging as when one needs to access the old records, fishing out the files from a mountain of files in dust and rodents. You can visualize the cumbersome effort of storing and then retrieving the documents.

Nobody has the time to wait in today’s fast-moving business world, even for drying wax seals. With people working remotely across geographies, getting approvals on documents on physical documents is next to impossible. On top of it, storing and accessing the documents from various geographical locations within a city, state, country, or even countries requires modern-day businesses to migrate to digital document solutions. We have designed and developed CannyDocs after analyzing all the problems mentioned above. Instead of signatures on physical documents, we have a digital signature that serves the same purpose as a physical one. It is a means of establishing the authenticity of a document or any digital communication. It is proof that the record has not been tampered with in any way after being digitally signed. Stakeholders and signing authorities can put their approvals in digital signatures from various geographical locations and will send the documents for archival and storage as per the process workflow.

CannyDocs in the future

We have reached a stage where it is imperative for all businesses, be it small or large, to go paperless. Even the government ministries are moving towards it for security and transparency. One can easily forge Physical signatures or photoshopped (in scanned documents), due to which there is always a question mark on its authenticity. A digital signature is a secure solution for authentication. A digitally signed copy symbolizes that it has been vetted, is legally binding. It indicates that the content of the document is understood and agreed upon by the signatories. CannyDocs allows you to collaborate with others to create formal agreements. It is very useful in the following situations.

CannyMinds Technology Advantage

CannyMinds Technology’s omnipresent system can be accessed universally, from any device anywhere in the world at any time. CannyDocs offers the ease of doing business. It offers the ability to sign, approve and eventually, send business documents. This effectively means any operation that requires frequent approvals on documents needs a reliably accessible platform like CannyDocs that can facilitate rapid approvals in a secure manner.

CannyMinds Technology protects user data using the highest level of data encryption, making it completely secure from any modern computer. Additionally, any transfers in and out of the system use secure SSL encryption.

Legally Compliant Solution

CannyDocs is one of the prominent players of the digital signature movement. Acceptance of digital signatures is widespread. Documents signed by CannyDocs are compliant with all applicable international standards. Thus, users can rest assured their signatures are being used only for the intent a signatory wants and that the process is tamper-proof.

The most significant plus point for digital signatures is that verification is always possible by any legal entity. This effectively means, if you have digitally signed a document in a place where digital signatures have not been standardized yet, they will retain their signatory data and work globally; moreover, they will be future-proof.


Digital signatures are the future of documentation; CannyDocs can take you there. Get started on digital cloud superiority today with CannyMinds.