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What is the Virtual Classroom LMS Platform?

In today’s remote classes, Virtual classroom and LMS (Learning Management Software) has become the most emerging and powerful tool to educate the students online. CannyEdu has brought the feature that enables one to learn, collaborate and communicate anytime and from anywhere. This platform gives you a sense of education in real-time. Schools and colleges can also arrange the video conference for meetings and present the classes courses in a specular way.


Key features we offer in a virtual classroom LMS Platform

Interactive WhiteBoard

Whiteboard has remained the most important tool to write down the topics and teach the students. Over time we have developed an interactive whiteboard that has different features like annotating, describing, explaining and brainstorming at the same time. As these tools are electronic so it is easy to manage, erase and store the data to keep it for future reference. With the advancement of technology, these tools share the power of visualization and enhance the intellectual knowledge of students.

Study Rooms

We have created a special room or chat section where students can share the audio, video, and notes related to the classroom course program. In this group, you can share and present your idea and discuss it with the group members. We have seen it’s quite effective and popular among students.

On-Premise Virtual Classroom LMS Platform

Now with the on-premise virtual LMS platform for the classroom, your data of volumetric amount can be stored and shared- all in a quick span and with a layer of additional security. Colleges and coaches can always rely on that for the number of student’s registration, examination, and other classroom program data.

Multiple Role and Multi-functional Infrastructure (With live recording)

With the LMS platform you can assign the task and also check its status online. It’s like the real-time face-to-face teaching-learning experience. Additionally, it has live-recording features which you can use to record and watch the video another time for precision classes. Students can also comment and ask the question if any.

Upload Presentations and polling

Upload Presentations and polling: Presentation is an integral part of learning. It’s quite easy now with the easy to upload presentation option. Click and share the joy of learning within seconds. With one unique presentation, you can reach out to a number of students simultaneously without any hassle. The teacher or admin can also track any observation with a polling option. Get the online poll data result which will eventually help the management to make a decision quickly on the basis of data.

Additional Features


Collaborate How you Want


E-Commerce Integration


Embedded in your LMS


Mobile Support


Fees Management




Social Learning in the Virtual Classroom