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Employee Monitoring Trend - 2020 and beyond

Gartner surveyed 239 large corporations and found that more than 50% are using some type of nontraditional monitoring techniques. That’s up from just 30% in 2015, and it is expected by 2021, about 80% of companies will be monitoring employees, using a range of new tools and data sources.

Hire 2 Retire Solutions

Using industry’s best practice Canny HR does a transformational job with the valuable Hire To Retire Payroll management software. We have gained the trust of the user by sharing the tool which is responsible, reliable, and easy to manage.

Human Resources

A tool is only effective when it not only empowers technical aspects rather follows the industry trend and also is able to quickly adapt to the regulation and policies of the organization as well as Statutory requirements. Collaboration with HCM/HRMS vendors, CannyHR offers the industry’s best possible solution that matches the pace with your Human resources capital. Strategy and implementation are some of the key integral parts of the overall process.


Keeping an eye on individual employees is not an easy task. With our easy-to-manage Payroll software, you can quickly manage the payroll through on-site and subscription services. This tool can ease the complex process of payroll with comprehensive and flexible solutions efficiently and effectively to ensure employees get the salary on time. It also has an amazing capability to handle the error..

Time & Attendance

Time is money but monitoring the time and tracking the employees’ productivity may be a daunting task for a small to big scale organization. With CannyHR, you can mark the attendance, keep track of the off-time and increase productivity with a finger tight accuracy. It is easy to integrate with different browsers across different time zones and geography. So CannyHR offers to integrate and manage the time and data is quite easy and approachable.


One platform solution to manage all your human capital

Complete Lifecycle Management from hire, develop to remain secure and effective

Self-manageable and flexible to use

Manage data and document in easy steps

Complete overview and insight

Calculate salary and reimbursement accurately

Amazing reporting and analysis( Monthwise)

Polling and survey option

Quick chat support

Manage time and attendance


Applicant Tracking

conduct more focused interviews make data-driven hiring decisions and recruit better candidates without any extra training to yhe HR staff


Properly welcome new hires into the company ahead of one day by getting them to fill forms and finish the required formalities

Employee Self Service

Allowing employees access to their personal information like payslips leave balances,benefits and own personal data.

Track Leaves & Holidays

See your employee's availability at one place and keep track of their vacation days to forecast the distribution of tasks conveniently

Expenses management

Simlify the cumbersome process of managing expenses and payroll of all your employees at one place and gain full control


Simplify the cumbers process of managing expenses and payroll of all your employees at one place and gain full control

Performance management

Simplify the cumbers process of managing expenses and payroll of all your employees at one place and gain full control


Attention of detail of contractual formalities and exit paperwork while preserving networking opportunities as employees leave the organization

Unique Capabilities

Multi Dashboards

Managers administrations and employees to gain insights and perform actions with clarify and ease

API Integration

Have our HR software are talk to other enterprise systems with our seam less API integration

Banking Integration

Integrate core banking systems to settle bank transactions with utmost transparency,security and control

Dynamic Forms

Integrate dynamic forms into the workflow engine for data-driven decisions in run time.


Automate HR workflow and enable buisness to control the SLA s for complaince and productivity

Payout features

Simplify the cumbersome process of managing expenses and payroll of all your employees at one place and gain full control

Biometric Integration

CannyHR can be integrated with 350+ Biometric Devices - both new and exixting - to track check in and check out time easily

Document Template Engine

Generate documents from offer letters and onboarding checklists to experience letters through easy templates

Invoice OCR

Save 70% of unproductive time in claim management overflow by automating expense management with OCR capabilities

Enterprise SSO

Sign-in multiple applications with single credentials for seamless onboarding and offboarding of employees

Mobile App

Gan access to HR and personal records,manage profiles and responsibilities on-the-go anytime anywhere

Productivity Monitoring & Employee Insights Software

Activity Tracker

Random Screenshots

Offline Data Sync

Stealth Mode

App and URL Tracker

Data Loss Prevention

Report options

Asset Optimization


Activity Analytics

How Does it Works?




Integrations (In Roadmap)

Integrate with your choice of task management solution

Manage multiple client projects on a single dashboard

Enable task updates from desktop application

Measure effort variance with planned and actual effort

Want to request a demo or get more information?

There may be two scenarios you would like to approach us- First you are scaling the organization and would try to test our effective CannyHR tool for the very first time or it may be the case that you are not happy with your current Payroll management software. In either case please feel free to reach out to us and you can also share your additional custom requirement. We would like to stand out to your expectations.